Day 1

At the kind invitation of you folks at Origin, I’m going to share my food/exercise diary with you this week. I’m certainly not the most disciplined when it comes to nutrition, I’m not always consistent with training and I definitely don’t deprive myself. But overall, over the past two years, I’ve worked on being as healthy as I can and changing my approach to what I eat. But after an indulgent Christmas and a cake, cream and cocktail-filled trip to Vienna, it’s time to get back on track! Just as some of you are ending your challenge, I’m just beginning!

Back to reality today in work without even so much as a square of duty-free chocolate to soften the blow. I’m not block-eating (yet), but I ate fairly lightly this morning with an obligatory coffee at home and an apple at 10am. Then I had some egg muffins with smoked salmon at 11. I find egg muffins are a really handy breakfast as you can prepare them in advance and eat on the hop. I had a late lunch which was a mixture of salads (beetroot and apple in lime juice, cucumber and fennel in yoghurt, cherry tomatoes and some chicken). I picked this up from my local deli where I quizzed the waitress about the dressings for the salads. It’s worth being awkward sometimes, so you know exactly what you’re eating when you’re out and about.

I had planned to train in the gym this evening, but unfortunately got caught in work late and had to cancel. So I came home and made a healthy dish from one of my favourite blogs: The Little Green Spoon. I snacked on a little celery and hummus before I started cooking as I was quite hungry. Nasi Goreng was on the menu tonight, made with quinoa instead of rice and red peppers, spring onion and prawns.  I also made my breakfast for the following day: Greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder, some muesli flakes, mixed seeds and frozen blueberries and blackberries (which will have thawed by the morning). I’m a big fan of frozen fruit as an alternative to buying very expensive fresh berries in the supermarket.

As I didn’t train, I went on a slow-paced 5k run at around 9pm. Later than I would have liked, but it was really nice to run the pier with fewer people about and clear my head. I’ve always been a runner but less active lately, so I’m trying to ease back in with shorter, slower runs. I had a cup of Rooibos tea with milk before bed. I love my tea and coffee but am trying to add in some caffeine-free alternatives throughout the day.

I’d like to say that I was full of life and enthusiasm for clean eating today, but I was actually pretty grumpy without my usual sugar fixes! However, I’m determined to stay as committed and consistent as I can.



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