Day 3

Day 3 of my ‘Clean Green Diary’! I’m sure that some of you purists are thinking that my diet is not really ‘clean’ : It’s not carb, dairy or sugar-free. Well, you’re right: so the stuff I’m eating might not be on your list, or fit in with your goals. I have noticed my meals are not extremely varied and I’m eating similar things everyday. Maybe that’s OK, if they’re healthy choices!

Today, I had my greek yoghurt, muesli, protein and berry mix for breakfast. Then I picked up a mixture of salads and soup again for lunch from the local deli. Slightly different salads today: carrot and almond, spinach, cherry tomato and mozzarella with chicken, accompanied by some lovely squash soup. I had been forsaking my daily flat white, but caved when one of the girls did a coffee run at 4pm!  I popped into Avoca, Monkstown on the way home to pick up some chicken. Unlike a lot of you gym bunnies, I’m not a big meat-eater but when I do eat it I insist on the best quality. The butcher James Whelan in Avoca offers really good meat and it’s not too expensive. ( Nice tip from Gail on that one.)

I went back to train in the gym tonight for a tough, enjoyable session, finished off with a 2km rowing time trial! Bit of a shock to the system but a great work-out. When I came home I rustled up some home-made coleslaw with a yoghurt dressing paired with grilled chicken marinated in a little olive oil, smoked pakrika (love this!), chilli flakes (that blacken nicely) and lemon (for added zing). I finished off my plate with sliced beetroot and avocado. Usually I’d add sweet potato fries to this meal but I ditched those as it was quite late. I made another batch of egg muffins, downed a cup of Roiboos tea and hit the hay.



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