Day 5

TGIF! I didn’t have the most joyous start to the day as I got up at 6:30 to run in the rain. If I can manage it, I like getting a run or a workout done in the morning as it sets you up for a great day. I ran around 5k at a nice, easy pace.

Today, I had egg muffins for breakfast with coffee. Every Friday, breakfast treats are laid on in my office – there are croissants, pastries and all kinds of gorgeousness but also a few healthy(ish) options – I grabbed a granola bar as a compromise. It was pouring rain so my colleagues ordered pizza for lunch! I resisted and instead popped out to the food market that’s held on the canal every Friday. There are a few nice options and today I had a chickpea and spinach curry with a little rice for lunch. I had another round of egg muffins later on that afternoon. I met a friend for a drink after work and so didn’t have any dinner! A couple of cocktails, a few handfuls of nuts, and many chats later I headed home – so it wasn’t the most virtuous evening!


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