Day 7

A lazy Sunday morning with some more poached eggs for breakfast. I usually try to get a longer run in on the weeekend, so I trotted off for a gentle 10k around lunchtime. After that I headed to the market in the People’s Park in Dun Laoghaire for a wander. There are a few nice options at this market – I had  grilled prawn and chicken skewers for some extra protein! Dinner was roast chicken, salads and potatoes – with some cake to celebrate my nephew’s 13th birthday!

So, this brings me to the end of my week’s food and exercise diary. I’m certainly not perfect, but making efforts to improve how my approach my food – while while still enjoying a few indulgences. We tend to beat ourselves up for our transgressions, but I think it’s important to remember the positive steps we’re taking for a healthier life!



Day 6

I trained at the gym this morning, where I did session 2 instead of the usual conditioning session. I hadn’t eaten anything before the session so I had a little energy bar as a boost before working out. Sineád urged me to fuel properly before training in future, to ensure I get the most from my session. Duly noted!

I had a protein shake after working out and then a breakfast of poached eggs, grilled tomatoes and some sourdough bread. Of course, it was Valentine’s Day today – so there was a meal out, chocolates and a little red wine!!


Day 5

TGIF! I didn’t have the most joyous start to the day as I got up at 6:30 to run in the rain. If I can manage it, I like getting a run or a workout done in the morning as it sets you up for a great day. I ran around 5k at a nice, easy pace.

Today, I had egg muffins for breakfast with coffee. Every Friday, breakfast treats are laid on in my office – there are croissants, pastries and all kinds of gorgeousness but also a few healthy(ish) options – I grabbed a granola bar as a compromise. It was pouring rain so my colleagues ordered pizza for lunch! I resisted and instead popped out to the food market that’s held on the canal every Friday. There are a few nice options and today I had a chickpea and spinach curry with a little rice for lunch. I had another round of egg muffins later on that afternoon. I met a friend for a drink after work and so didn’t have any dinner! A couple of cocktails, a few handfuls of nuts, and many chats later I headed home – so it wasn’t the most virtuous evening!

Day 4

Today, I had egg muffins for breakfast – these were a little more substantial than usual, filled with feta cheese, grilled cherry tomatoes and chives.  For lunch I had green vegetable soup with a mixture of salads. I had a few chocolate-covered rice cakes before I made dinner (not the most healthy snack!), which was chicken stir-fry.  I added in noodles for the benefit of my co-diner, but really could have done without them!

Egg muffins are so easy to make: Simply whisk up about 6 eggs (depending on the quantity you want to make) and season with salt and pepper. Then add whatever ingredients you fancy to a muffin tray: ham and cherry tomatoes, broccoli and mushrooms, feta cheese and spring onion etc. Pour the egg mixture into the muffin tray and bake in an oven at about 180 degrees for 15 mins. You can enjoy your muffins hot or store in the fridge and eat them on the hop over the next few days.


Day 3

Day 3 of my ‘Clean Green Diary’! I’m sure that some of you purists are thinking that my diet is not really ‘clean’ : It’s not carb, dairy or sugar-free. Well, you’re right: so the stuff I’m eating might not be on your list, or fit in with your goals. I have noticed my meals are not extremely varied and I’m eating similar things everyday. Maybe that’s OK, if they’re healthy choices!

Today, I had my greek yoghurt, muesli, protein and berry mix for breakfast. Then I picked up a mixture of salads and soup again for lunch from the local deli. Slightly different salads today: carrot and almond, spinach, cherry tomato and mozzarella with chicken, accompanied by some lovely squash soup. I had been forsaking my daily flat white, but caved when one of the girls did a coffee run at 4pm!  I popped into Avoca, Monkstown on the way home to pick up some chicken. Unlike a lot of you gym bunnies, I’m not a big meat-eater but when I do eat it I insist on the best quality. The butcher James Whelan in Avoca offers really good meat and it’s not too expensive. ( Nice tip from Gail on that one.)

I went back to train in the gym tonight for a tough, enjoyable session, finished off with a 2km rowing time trial! Bit of a shock to the system but a great work-out. When I came home I rustled up some home-made coleslaw with a yoghurt dressing paired with grilled chicken marinated in a little olive oil, smoked pakrika (love this!), chilli flakes (that blacken nicely) and lemon (for added zing). I finished off my plate with sliced beetroot and avocado. Usually I’d add sweet potato fries to this meal but I ditched those as it was quite late. I made another batch of egg muffins, downed a cup of Roiboos tea and hit the hay.


Day 2

Today’s breakfast was the greek yoghurt, protein, muesli and seed mix I’d prepared the night before. I ate this before I left the house with my coffee. Then I had two egg muffins and smoked salmon about about 11ish. My lunch was a similar mixture of salads to the day before with some chicken. I also indulged in some nice tomato soup to warm me up!

Unfortunately, my office is awash with cakes and chocolate this week. We’ve had birthdays, zealous chefs and people returning from holidays with goodies. I resisted most of the day but did falter at about 4pm and had a (very small) slice of cake. I think the solution to shunning the office treats is to have a healthy alternative to hand, as Gail advises. So I’ll try to do that in the future!

I wasn’t really hungry for dinner, so I had some celery and hummus and a few teaspoons of peanut butter when I came home. I had to drop over to a friend, so didn’t have time to train today. I had a small bowl of yoghurt with protein powder at about 11. Not really getting to bed early enough these evenings – I have to admit that I’m a bit of a night owl!

It mightn’t be to everyone’s taste, but I’m a big fan of the website MindBodyGreen. I came across this article today with some nice tips and sensible advice on eating healthily and losing weight.


Day 1

At the kind invitation of you folks at Origin, I’m going to share my food/exercise diary with you this week. I’m certainly not the most disciplined when it comes to nutrition, I’m not always consistent with training and I definitely don’t deprive myself. But overall, over the past two years, I’ve worked on being as healthy as I can and changing my approach to what I eat. But after an indulgent Christmas and a cake, cream and cocktail-filled trip to Vienna, it’s time to get back on track! Just as some of you are ending your challenge, I’m just beginning!

Back to reality today in work without even so much as a square of duty-free chocolate to soften the blow. I’m not block-eating (yet), but I ate fairly lightly this morning with an obligatory coffee at home and an apple at 10am. Then I had some egg muffins with smoked salmon at 11. I find egg muffins are a really handy breakfast as you can prepare them in advance and eat on the hop. I had a late lunch which was a mixture of salads (beetroot and apple in lime juice, cucumber and fennel in yoghurt, cherry tomatoes and some chicken). I picked this up from my local deli where I quizzed the waitress about the dressings for the salads. It’s worth being awkward sometimes, so you know exactly what you’re eating when you’re out and about.

I had planned to train in the gym this evening, but unfortunately got caught in work late and had to cancel. So I came home and made a healthy dish from one of my favourite blogs: The Little Green Spoon. I snacked on a little celery and hummus before I started cooking as I was quite hungry. Nasi Goreng was on the menu tonight, made with quinoa instead of rice and red peppers, spring onion and prawns.  I also made my breakfast for the following day: Greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder, some muesli flakes, mixed seeds and frozen blueberries and blackberries (which will have thawed by the morning). I’m a big fan of frozen fruit as an alternative to buying very expensive fresh berries in the supermarket.

As I didn’t train, I went on a slow-paced 5k run at around 9pm. Later than I would have liked, but it was really nice to run the pier with fewer people about and clear my head. I’ve always been a runner but less active lately, so I’m trying to ease back in with shorter, slower runs. I had a cup of Rooibos tea with milk before bed. I love my tea and coffee but am trying to add in some caffeine-free alternatives throughout the day.

I’d like to say that I was full of life and enthusiasm for clean eating today, but I was actually pretty grumpy without my usual sugar fixes! However, I’m determined to stay as committed and consistent as I can.